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Vinyl Lettering

Most sign written vehicles use some form of vinyl lettering to promote their business. Vinyl lettering is very popular as it is a very economic way to advertise and the lettering can be easily removed once it is no longer required.

Vinyl lettering, or sticky lettering as it is also know, is cut from a thin sheet of self adhesive vinyl. The vinyl layer is cut and the excess around the letters is removed to leave just the required lettering on a backing sheet.

Lettering is transferred from its backing sheet using transfer paper so the letters are kept pre-spaced and are applied as one rather than individual letters. Once applied the transfer paper is removed to leave just the pre-spaced lettering. The lettering does not have a background and the background colour is whatever the lettering is applied to, such as a vehicle, sign board, window, etc.


We also make supply only vinyl lettering for you to apply to make your own signs. Great for vehicle signs, sign boards, window displays, banners, boat names, bin numbers, signs and much more .....

See our "Application Guide" for applying your vinyl lettering -- >>

self adhesive vinyl lettering application guide
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